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ArtixMedia Menu Studio 3.71

ArtixMedia Menu Studio is a software program for multimedia visual creation
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The ArtixMedia Menu Studio 3.7 is a software program for multimedia visual creation that offers users the tools they need to create applications and CD menus and shells. The program enables users to create multimedia presentations, and photo albums, that interlink with external mediums such as web pages and CDs. ArtixMedia Menu Studio 3.7 features interactive buttons, images, and 3D text and the program also supports animated GIFs as well as .BMP, .JPG, .ICO and .WMF file formats.

Users can open Internet links from within the program, run external files, and also browse external files. With ArtixMedia Menu Studio 3.7, users can create special interactive multimedia CD gift cards incorporating holidays for example, or birthdays, to present to their friends and relatives on special occasions. These types of CDs will operate on their friends CD recorders or computers, complete with menus, autoplay, autorun, or autostart.

The program features many applications each with individual pages which are basically blank fields in which users can place information. To connect to the information placed, the program features components, 21 of them, which are divided into 6 groups for text, graphics, button images, players, and button classes. These components allow the user to process certain events into their multimedia creations such as a mouse click over a component resulting in an action performed by the application when that event occurs. Use of the components offered in ArtixMedia Menu Studio 3.7 allows the user to create an interactive program or CD. Users can add and include images, sounds, and animations enabling them to create multimedia, including video, for a wide variety of uses such as for educational purposes, training, slide shows, personal albums etc., even business presentations. Samples are included with the program.

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  • Users creations can run external programs such as music players


  • Pricey for some Commercial Usages
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